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Monday, October 29th, 2018


Tune in and learn all about what’s motivating the next generation…

In the CR&B Show keynote presentation, Don Mayo of IMI and Sarah Stovold of NextWave shared proven techniques and global best practices for driving meaningful change among the highly coveted youth segment. Whether it’s Alphas, Gen-Zs, or Millennials, they’ve spoken to thousands of youngsters from around the world to understand how they communicate, what’s driving purchase, who they trust and how they feel about the future. Our presenters take a fact-based approach to peeling back essential layers of what’s now, and what’s next – helping to set you on the right path for success today and prosperity tomorrow.

Don Mayo, Global Managing Partner at IMI International

Don Mayo, Global Managing Partner at IMI International has been with the company for over 30 years, dedicating his career to both amplifying the voice of the consumer and building context for brands of all sizes through a proprietary database of over 20,000 global activations. Known for his candid ‘tell it how it is style’ Don has worked with well over 100 of the world’s biggest brands, earned the reputation of a trusted advisor and expert in optimizing ROI and driving brand results.

Sarah Stovold, Managing Director, NextWave by IMI

Sarah Stovold, Managing Director, NextWave by IMI, joined the team in 2013 to found the Emerging Media Department. Five years later, this small division has evolved into a standalone offshoot, known as NextWave. With a relentless curiosity, she is committed to understanding the next generations beyond “Millennials and Gen-Zs”, keeping ahead of the latest trends, and putting the biggest global brands under the microscope to uncover what really works. Through insight driving profit, she provides strategic, fact-based counsel to help brands set the stage for today and maximize potential for tomorrow.

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